14 Oct, 2010

BarCamp Cork 2010

Posted by: James Whelton In: Announcements

I am delighted to announce that BarCamp Cork 2010 will take place on the 20th of November this year. Currently the venue is being finalised and we are getting our sponsors in order. I am thrilled that Microsoft Ireland and Maxroam have decided to be sponsors of BarCamp Cork this year.

So ladies and gentle please head over to the Sign-Up/Register page and get registered! We hope to have a massive attendance this year!

Watch this space for updates and the @BarCampCork Twitter account too.

26 Nov, 2009

Competition suggestions

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Afterwards| Announcements| Sponsors

Thanks to the Sponsors of Barcamp Cork 2009, Microsoft, Assembly Point, Reilly & Co and Nitrosell, we have some freebies what we’d like to give away.

We’d like to run a fun competition which a few people can win, we’ll be giving away some great free techie stuff. We’d like if the competition promoted the sponsors too since they helped make Barcamp happen.

Any fun ideas for a competition?

18 Nov, 2009

Presentations from BarcampCork 2009

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Afterwards

14 Nov, 2009

Tune in to Barcamp online

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Announcements

For those who can’t make BarCamp Cork in person, you can tune in to some of the talks online thanks to

Just click the image to join in.

Click to join in online

Click to join in online

11 Nov, 2009

Hardware in your attic

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Announcements

A few people attending BarCamp this week will be dusting off some no-so-modern pieces of hardware from their attics and bringing them along to show them off.


Check out Randy’s collection of toys on his blog, since he can’t carry them all on the day, let him know if you’d like to see any of them specifically.

Have you any computer hardware in the attic or garage that you could bring along?

Over 50 people are attending  BarCampCork in November so far, are you going? If you can, please register your interest so we have an idea of numbers and know how much coffee to pour on the day.

19 people have registered to give talks on the day too so far, Thank you all for giving these talks. If you know anyone that would give an interesting techie talk, can you give them a little nudge to talk?

If you have any topics you’d like to see covered on the day, please let us know.

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28 Oct, 2009

Girl Geek dinner

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Announcements

Lady Barcampers – the Girl Geek Dinner is happening the night before Barcamp Cork III.

WHEN: Friday, November 13th at 8pm
WHERE: Gourmet Burger Bistro, 8 Bridge Street, Cork city.
HOW MUCH:  €18 / person for starters, your choice of burger/chicken/falafel, dessert, tea/coffee.

Table booked for 8 and there’s a bar next door..

Head over to the official Girl Geek Dinner website and leave a comment if you can attend.

22 Oct, 2009

The Venue : The Cork International Airport Hotel

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Announcements

This years Barcamp Cork is taking place in the Cork International Airport hotel.

We have 3 large rooms booked for the day for concurrent talks with the option of splitting one of the rooms into two medium sized rooms.

There is a tiny little room too, off one of main rooms which might be good for smaller talks or demos.
When the talks have wrapped up for the afternoon we can all wander across the hall to the bar for a couple of drinks and watch the match.

30 bed rooms have been put aside for those wishing to book a room to stay over on the night with rates of €75 – €85 per room. Don’t forget to mention ‘Barcamp’ if you are contacting the Hotel.

Cork International Airport Hotel, Cork Airport, Cork, Ireland
Tel: +353 21 454 9800 or email

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23 Sep, 2009

BarCamp Cork III is Confirmed

Posted by: Gordon Murray In: Announcements

Planning Barcamp Cork the 3rd is underway!

The venue is Cork International Airport Hotel.

The Date is Saturday November the 14th 2009. (CorkMeet2009 is running the preceeding few days, 11th to 13th)

Watch this space for updates and the @BarCampCork Twitter account too.

Blacknight have covered the cost of hosting this site for another year, Thank you Blacknight.

Meet the organisers of this years Barcamp:

From left to right, Ciara Feely, Gordon Murray and Ciara Crossan. Talk to either one of us if you’d like to speak at Barcamp or help Sponsor.

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09 Nov, 2008

Organising a *Camp

Posted by: conor In: Afterwards

If you attended BarCamp Cork and thought you’d like to run an unconference yourself, below is just a quick idea of what is involved.

  • Try to have 2 and preferably 3 organisers. It’s possible as a solo run but can add to your stress level.
  • The venue is the number 1 priority. If you can get it for free then you’ve done 75% of the work already. EI, Howard Holdings, Integris and Damien came up trumps with Webworks for BarCamp Cork.
  • A blog. Get it up there day 1 and start telling people what you are doing.
  • Sponsors. You only need a small few to cover the basics. How much do you think BarCamp cost to arrange? What would you say if I told you that BarCamp Cork 2 with 110+ plus people at a day long free conference cost less than €800 in total? 
  • Why so little?
    • You don’t need t-shirts
    • You don’t need banners
    • You don’t need printed badges
    • All poster printing should be done on your 8 year old inkjet at home
    • Beg, borrow or steal a Musgraves card and pay pennies for
      • plates
      • cups
      • plastic cutlery
      • fizzy/flat water
      • markers/whitetack/name-stickers/post-its
      • etc
  • Pizza and donuts will feed most people (unless it’s a FoodCamp ;-) ). Bulk ordering from a local place should get you up to 20% discount
  • Mics are expensive but often necessary (€120 per setup)
  • Borrow projectors. We had offers of 5 but you may have to order screens for them.
  • Most venues won’t have enough chairs (Webworks did luckily). They cost approx €1.80 each
  • If the event is even remotely geeky, you will need wifi.
That’s it. Just make sure as many people as possible know about your event and are motivated to talk at it and turn up. Get that buzz going by whatever means you can. We’re lucky with BarCamps in general here that so many people are into them and like to blog about them. 
The no-show rate at BarCamp Cork 1 was over 20%. It was closer to 5% at last weekend’s event. No-shows are a pain in the arse but a fact of life and you can never accurately predict how much stuff to order.
As far as venues are concerned, we were discusing it last Saturday at post-BarCamp dinner. Some ideas that came up include racetracks, dogtracks, GAA clubs. Any other ones that might work? 
After Julian’s wine-tasting session, I have to think that a WineCamp/BeerCamp or FoodCamp would be a roaring success (particularly in West Cork).
What *Camps would you like to see next?

  • BarCamp Cork IV » Blog Archive » The Competitions: [...] The competition winners will be announced and awarded at the afters in Electric! Tags: Barcamp Cork, broken, brokenscreen, Cork City, cotton, d
  • Sean Hayes: I just heard of this today and want to find out more like what time does the event start. How much is the entry fee or is there one? Can one just atte
  • Ger O'Brien: I'd like to take part (not present) a session on recent developments in social networking and on-line publishing. We could discuss this http://deve


BarCamp Cork IV on November 20th is the follow-up to Ireland's BarCamp Cork held in 2006, 2008 and 2009. It's about people getting together, sharing ideas, learning from each other and finding like-minds.

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